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Blackwater Guided Deer Hunts

Blackwater Hunting Service has over 11,000 acres of land and over 80 deer stands and a maximum of eight (8) hunters.

Our comfortable deer stands consist of elevated tower stands, ladder-style stands and ground blinds. They are fully camouflaged with integral rifle rests.

Our stands are regularly "corned" once or twice per week and each guide truck will spread corn when you are taken to your stand. We also plant various food plots throughout the season depending on our weather and/or climate conditions.

A typical day...

For the morning hunt, you'll be up well before sunrise to enjoy a cup of coffee and a continental breakfast. While you're waking up, your guide will be meeting directly with Terry to study the current wind conditions and stand activity.

Harvesting your Deer

During each hunt, you can harvest either a buck or a doe (buck only until Sept 14), doe season begins on Sept 15; however, we do have some "buck-only" stands.


For safety reasons, you are required to remain in your stand at all times. When you hear your guide coming to pick you up, please unload your rifle and leave the bolt/action open.

We have several highly trained tracking dogs to aide with the retrieval of your deer.

Upon return to the lodge, we generally take a few pictures and your guide will take the deer to be processed at one of our local processors (see Blackwater Deer Hunting Guide for more info).

Note: There are no deer cleaning facilities at our lodge - all game is taken to a local processor

Deer Hunting Rates

Velvet/Rut Rates

$1,940  2.5 day hunt

$2,550  3.5 day hunt

$4,425  6 day hunt

Our Rules
  • 2.5 day hunts

    • Arrive Sunday after 5 pm

    • Hunt Monday-Wednesday morning

    • Depart after morning hunt

    • No Sunday evening meal provided

  • 3.5 day hunts

    • Arrive Wednesday after 2 pm 

    • Hunt Wednesday evening - Saturday

    • Depart Sunday by 8 AM

  • Absolutely no early arrivals due to housekeeping

  • 1 deer per hunt (am/pm), buck or doe

  • 4 Bucks max with antlered deer tags
    (must buy with license)

  • Minimum 12" inside spread for bucks

Other Fees
  • $400 fine for an additional deer shot at or harvested on each hunt

  • $400 fine for undersized deer, including button bucks

  • $150 fee for each Hog harvested during a deer hunt

  • $150 per day for non-hunters

  • $50 per hunt for private room (when available)

The Season

Deer season Aug 15 - Jan 1

Hunter Requirements

  • Valid SC hunting license (available on-line)

  • Big Game Permit

  • Antlered deer tags, 4 max

  • Doe tags provided at no additional cost after Sept 15

  • Anyone born after 1979 must have a valid Hunters Safety Course ID

  • Other General Requirements

For additional details, please download our Blackwater Deer Hunters Guide

Standard Rates

$1,725 2.5 day hunt

$2,260 3.5 day hunt

$3,920 6 day hunt​

Deer Hunting Rate Infographic v3.png

You'll be taken to your stand in our heavy-duty extended cab pickups. After the morning hunt, you will be picked up at a designated time, have your game taken care of and then lunch at the lodge.

Afternoon hunts will begin 4 to 5 hours before sunset and be picked up just after dark.

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